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Top Junior Golfers in the World

Global Junior Golf Rankings™ ranks junior golfers by calculating each week's performance in the categories of
Boys and Girls participating in junior golf tournaments worldwide.


1. Sean Kato Redmond, WA United States -3.25
2. Cameron Barzekoff Mesa, AZ United States -2.92
3. James Mackie Phoenix, AZ United States -3.3
4. Nathan Cogswell Kent, WA United States -0.51
5. Nathan Han Somers, NY United States -2.43
6. Davis Bryant Aurora, CO United States -2.3


1. Kirstin Angosta Henderson, NV United States -1.4
2. Hailey Schalk Erie, CO United States -1.15
3. Shelby Poynter Scottsbluff, NE United States -0.95
4. Bailey Anderson Gilbert, AZ United States 0.95
5. Shannyn Vogler Sherrard, IL United States 1.34
6. Claire Xu Federal Way, WA United States 1

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